Having sex with her for the first time

Having sex with the girl of your dreams is something that every man wants. You go for the kiss and she kisses you passionately. After that you will be tearing each other clothes and you will be having the best sex ever. At times, things can turn out to be a bit complicated. You will see that women aren`t aggressive or prepared for this. She may still be nervous or hesitant regarding this situation. This is why you will need to get her to be sexually comfortable with you. You will need to be proactive and take the lead.

The first thing that you need to do to her will be to relax her. Her mind will need to be free of worry. She doesn`t have to stress about how she looks. You can calm her down and tell her that she looks amazing. Tell her that you want her to feel that she is taken care of. When she will be relaxed, she will start being ready for you. She will need to get horny with you. You want her in a position where she is so hot and wet that she really wants you inside her. There is no rush, you will have to take your time.

You can play with her fingers and massage her back. You can also kiss her neck and her cheek. Another great idea is to run your hand on her body and teasing her bare skin around on her vaginal lips. You should also develop trust. Sex is a scarier act for a lot of women. She will be completely vulnerable and she will allow you to enter her body. You will need to release her of any fear by using actions and words. As you are touching her, you will need to tell her that you respect her boundaries. You shouldn`t go against your word.

If she says No or asks you to stop, you should listen to her. You will have to keep calm and smile. You will always have to tell her to just relax. If you don`t do this, you will kill all of the trust that you`ve worked a lot into building. You shouldn`t be afraid of asking her exactly what she wants. You have to know that sex always has to be consensual. If you build up the trust, she will certainly want to have sex again.


The parallel between productions porn and the other kind

Placeholder ImageThe porn industry, besides the fact that it seems like a world in which all dereglatii sexual activates, it is a world that does not get very easy, which involves very many compomisuri among which they enumerate, and the health or confidentiality, but also an environment in which revolve a lot of money. The actors who are in this industry warn everyone who wants to become an actor of this kind to calculate well your steps and reach at a point to be sure that’s what they want, because once entered in this world, you will not get rid of the consequences her whole life. Whether you filmed a single movie or more, everyone will know you and will judge you for what you do, where is surrounded by people with a mind more closed, with a conception outdated.

Behind of porno movies with romance, for example, I’m not the only actors which are pure and simple sex, but also a production team, the minimum a writer, a director, a studio, and the list can continue. Even if not seems, it is exactly like any other movie that involves certain investments and, certainly, in which will take money. Actors but do not lead the easiest life, even if they do what they like the most. Often, men are forced to administer certain treatments that increase the potency, because, at a time, it is quite hard to be excited about something in this industry. I was reading somewhere that many of them do their injections in the sexual organ to withstand some of the parties long love.

The parallel with movies the usual can be done in any situation. A frame can be pulled very often even in the production of porn, and this is no longer a pleasure for those directly involved.